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The Order Process At present we are not using a shopping cart, preferring to get back into an easy mode of receiving orders by e-mail (our order form), by fax, phone order (let’s chat), or email correspondence. Typically, you would fill out the order form, when I receive it, you will be invoiced for all items available plus shipping, and you can proceed with any payment method. I ship promptly using good protective methods (sleeves separate from record in a … Read More

What’s in the Groove – Side One

Confessions of a Phonographer by Jeff Barr   I was grasping for a way to make a living back in the early ‘70s. My last organized effort to get a career in Hollywood had been given its finis, as I had just been rejected by the MMPA for inclusion in its initial 2nd assistant directors training program, and I didn’t want to continue installing car stereos for friends, or get  $4 an hour jobs doing something vaguely clerical…It was time … Read More